North American Indigenous Games (NAIG)
Cowichan 2008 (larger version)
In the 1970s, a number of visionaries began to explore the idea of promoting Indigenous cultures and supporting Indigenous youth through sport. Leaders of various communities helped the concept evolve and eventually a plan for a large-scale, multi-sport North American Indigenous Games emerged. Vision was becoming reality.

The first-ever North American Indigenous Games were held in Edmonton, Alberta, in 1990, with approximately 3,000 participants. In less than two decades, the number of sport and cultural participants has tripled, to over 9,000.

By encouraging Indigenous youth to participate in athletic competition, these Games have become a vehicle for promoting healthier lifestyles and strengthened relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples of North America.
History of the North American Indigenous Games
2006 - Colorado NAIG NAIG results
The 2006 North American Indigenous Games were held July 2-8 in Denver, Colorado.

2002 - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
The most recent NAIG was held in Winnipeg, Manitoba, July 25 to August 4, 2002. The Winnipeg Games involved 5500 sport participants from 27 teams (12 Provinces/Territories and 15 States). These Games also played host to a cultural festival that drew the participation of approximately 3000 cultural performers from across North America.

1997 - Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
In 1997, Victoria, British Columbia, played host to the NAIG. These Games drew participation from 26 teams (9 Provinces/Territories and 17 States). In total, 5,000 took part in the sport competition and over 3,000 in the cultural festival.

1995 – Blaine, Minnesota, USA
The 1995 Games held in Blaine, Minnesota, marked the first time the NAIG has been held in the United States of America. According to sport participation levels the 1995 Games were the largest to date with approximately 8,000 competitors.

1993 - Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada
The 1993 Games in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, involved 4,400 sport participants who competed on behalf of the Indigenous peoples of their Province, Territory or State. In addition to the sporting events, the 1993 NAIG included a cultural festival that attracted several hundred cultural performers from across Canada and the United States of America. These Games also witnessed the birth of the NAIG Council as the permanent governing structure for the NAIG.

1990 - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
The first ever NAIG were held in Edmonton, Alberta. It attracted approximately 3000 sport participants and numerous cultural performers from Indigenous communities across Canada and the northwestern United States.
NAIG 2008 (larger version)
Cowichan 2008 Team NL Results
Results of Team NL North American Indigenous Games
Team NL attended the Cowichan 2008 North American Indigenous Games with 34 athletes coming home with medals in three of the four sports that we entered. Here is a listing of our placements in each category

Rosie Ryan-Kippen's - Coach

• Sabrina Muise (Kippen's, NFLD)
4th place Bantam Midget Female 200m
Gold Bantam Female 400m
Gold Bantam Female 800m
Silver Bantam Female 1500m

• Jillian Forsey (Kippen's, NFLD)
Silver Bantam Female 400m
Silver Bantam Female 800m
Gold Bantam Female 1500m
Gold Bantam Female 3k (Cross Country)

• Shelena Benoit (Stephenville, NFLD)
10th place Bantam Female 100m
11th place Bantam Female 200m
Bronze Bantam Female Discus

• Matthew Alexander(Kippen's, NFLD)
5th place Juvenile Male 100m
4th Place Juvenile Male 200m
Silver Juvenile Male 400m
7th Place Juvenile Male 800m
4th Place 4x100m Relay
Bronze 4x400m Relay

• Gavin Evan(Makkovik, Lab)
5th place Juvenile Male 100m
4th Place Juvenile Male 200m
7th Place Juvenile Male 800m
4th Place 4x100m Relay
Bronze 4x400m Relay

• Shane Cormier(Stephenville, NFLD)
15th place Juvenile Male 100m
11th Place Juvenile Male 200m
8th Juvenile Male Long Jump
5th Place Juvenile Male Shot put
4th Place 4x100m Relay
Bronze 4x400m Relay

• Jonathan McCulloch(Stephenville, NFLD)
8th place Juvenile Male 100m
9th Place Juvenile Male 200m
7th Juvenile Male Long Jump
Silver Juvenile Male High Jump

• William Forsey (Kippen's, NFLD)
Silver Midget Male 1500m
Silver Midget Male 800m
5th Midget Male 400m
Silver Midget Male 5k (X- Country)
Bronze 4x400m Juvenile Male relay
5th 4x100m Juvenile Male relay

Mike Alexander- Kippen's - Coach

• Marie Soliel Penashue (Sheshatshiu, Lab)
Gold Midget Female Singles
Gold Midget Female Doubles

• Justine Brake White (Stephenville, NFLD)
Bronze Midget Female Singles
Gold Midget Female Doubles

• Anautak Phillips (North West River, Lab)
Bronze Juvenile Male Singles
Bronze Juvenile Male Doubles

• David Flynn (North West River, Lab)
Bronze Juvenile Male Doubles
4th Juvenile Male Singles

Paul McDonald- Conne River-Coach

• Nikashantess Penashue (Sheshatshiu, Lab)
Gold Midget Male division

• Atsahpi Andrew (Sheshatshiu, Lab)
Sixth Place Juvenile Male division

The Female Volleyball team finished just outside medal contention placing fourth out of ten teams and the Male Volleyball team finished fifth out of eight teams. Members of each team are as follows;
• Jenna Andersen-Makkovik -Captain
• Jodie Benoit-Stephenville
• Andrea Andersen-Makkovik
• Megan Andersen-Makkovik
• Gemma Andersen-Makkovik
• Tanya Vincent- Hopedale
• Shamera Alexander-Stephenville
• Janelle Abbott-Stephenville
• Mary Lou Harris-Nain
• Michelle Ashini-Natuashish
• Colleen Lambert Conne River- Coach

• Gilbert Rich-Natuashish-Captain
• Ben Andrew-Natuashish
• Joey Chalk-Makkovik
• Jordan Broomfield-Makkovik
• Terry Ford-Postville
• Jonny Burke-Port au Port
• Leevon Messervey-Stephenville
• James McCulloch-Stephenville
• Justin Benoit-Conne River
• Andreas Phillips-North West River
• Roy Byrne-Natuashish-Coach
2014 North American Indigenous Games
The North American Indigenous Games Council is pleased to announce Regina, Saskatchewan will have the honour of hosting the 2014 North American Indigenous Games.

After a competitive bid process the Host Candidate Cities from Regina, Saskatchewan; Halifax, Nova Scotia and London, Ontario made final presentations to the NAIG Council in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.

The Regina Bid Committee is comprised of representatives from the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations, City of Regina, Province of Saskatchewan, Metis Nation of Saskatchewan, University of Regina and several cultural/community delegates.

"We are extremely proud and honoured to be selected to host the 2014 North American Indigenous Games," says FSIN Vice Chief Morley Watson. "The real winners will be our young Indigenous athletes from across North America."

Harold Joseph, NAIG Council President says "The 2014 North American Indigenous Games will be held in Regina, Saskatchewan based on the determined and dedicated efforts from the Regina host candidate city. The partnership between the Aboriginal community, municipal and provincial governments and the successful completion of 3 bid stages were keys to their winning bid"

For more information please contact

Todd Winters or Mike Alexander at the ASRCNL!
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